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ふろしき・テーブルクロス Furoshiki / Tablecloth

ふろしき・テーブルクロス Furoshiki / Tablecloth

Kona Bay Hawaiiのアロハシャツに使用している素敵なハイビスカス柄の生地を生活に取り入れました。

Kona Bay の在庫生地を使用したアップサイクルの商品です。生地に限りがあるので限定販売。

Furoshiki / Tablecloth became available on March 13! You can enjoy a Hawaii-style, eco-friendly life with this item.
This item utilizes a beautiful hibiscus design fabric used for Aloha shirts from Kona Bay Hawaii.
With Sasha’s suggestions, the fabric has been reborn as furoshiki / tablecloth, which you can use daily!

Since this item incorporates upcycling and is made from the existing stock fabric from Kona Bay Hawaii, there is only a limited number available.
Please use this upcycling item to make your eco-friendly life classy and higher quality!

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