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Aloha Equality T-shirts / アロハ イコーリティー Tシャツ

Aloha Equality T-shirts / アロハ イコーリティー Tシャツ

SSHオリジナルTシャツ 2021春夏新作の第3弾が販売されました。


Friendship, Non-Violence, Compassion, Hope, Human, Joy, Share, World-Piece, Smile, HUI, Action, Life, Unite, Brave


ぜひストアSasha’s Collectionをチェックしてください!

SSH Original T-shirts "Aloha Equality"

Third SSH original T-shirts for Spring and Summer 2021 are here!

During this challenging time, Sasha wanted to share her Aloha to everyone through this design.
15 positive words are in this T shirts.
Designed by Sasha to encourage and share the spirit of aloha to everyone. Through her design she wanted to share that each individual on this earth are unique and beautiful no matter where they are from or who they are.

We have 2 colors: black and natural.
Please check out our online store Sasha’s Collection!

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