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Aloha is Love mask / アロハ・イズ・ラブ・マスク 3/7再販のおしらせ

Aloha is Love mask / アロハ・イズ・ラブ・マスク 3/7再販のおしらせ

SSHオンラインストアー サーシャズコレクションで販売のマスク。


Aloha is Love mask that is available at SSH online store Sasha’s Collection has three layers.
It gives you protection, and at the same time, it is very comfortable to wear.
Sasha wears this mask with the fashionable design during the filming of “Hawaii ni koi shite!”.
She also uses it daily as it is very useful.
We have black, gray, and hibiscus.

The mask was sold out quickly when it was available for the first time and second time. With all of your requests, it will be available again after Sunday, March 7 (Japan time) after Sasha’s Instagram live. We will have 25 sets of masks for this time. Please purchase it if you could not do so last two times!

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