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Belle Vieの紹介アイテム「MUA」
Belle Vie’s MUA

Belle Vieの紹介アイテム「MUA」
Belle Vie’s MUA

本日のインスタライブでご紹介したのは、「Belle Vie」のしみ用美白ジェル「MUA」

朝用(Day Time)は、美白と共に日中の外的刺激からもお肌を守り、一日中滑らかな潤いを保ちます。
夜用(Night Time)は、つけた瞬間から張りと潤いを取り戻し、寝ている間もしっかりと美白、保湿、保肌を推進します。


お得なキャンペーンは、日本時間2020年11月30日までです。ぜひSupport Brand内のベルビーハワイのページをチェックしてみてください。

The item we introduced on Instagram live today is blemish treatment and whitening gel MUA by Belle Vie.
MUA (“future” in Hawaiian language) is a blemish treatment and whitening gel that Belle Vie turned the blessing of nature extracted from Hawaii-native plants into a product. It is effective for discolored skin parts such as blemish, scars, burn scars, and acne scars.
“Day Time” can whiten your skin, protect your skin from external stimuli during the day, and keep your skin moisturized for all day.
“Night Time” will regain resiliency and moisture to your skin, and whiten, moisturize, and protect your skin when you are sleeping at night.
There is a special for those who watched today’s Instagram live! You will receive a gift of NIU (biocellulose mask: brightening) if you use the code “SASHA” when you purchase MUA.
This special is available until November 30, 2020 (Japan time). Please check out Belle Vie Hawaii page under “Support Brand”.

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