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Nā Mea Kūpono Tシャツの販売が開始しました!New item in our store! Nā Mea Kūpono T-shirts!

Nā Mea Kūpono Tシャツの販売が開始しました!New item in our store! Nā Mea Kūpono T-shirts!

ハワイ文化継承・教育団体『Nā Mea Kūpono』Tシャツ。
売り上げの50%はNā Mea Kūponoの活動を支援する寄付金となります。


寄付型TシャツとしてWimini Hawaii とのデザイン共同製作で多くの方に、賛同参加していただけるよう、


ぜひ、『Nā Mea Kūpono』Tシャツを購入してハワイ文化継承を守るサポートに参加してください!

Nā Mea Kūpono is an organization for education and inheritance of Hawaiian culture. 50% of the total sales of the shirts will be donated to Nā Mea Kūpono to support their activities.

Nā Mea Kūpono has been devoted to education and inheritance of Hawaiian culture, even during the harsh economic situation due to a cause of COVID-19 pandemic. We are honored to announce that we were able to launch this project because of a heartfelt support from the supporters of SSH, and Sasha's strong will! We appreciate your support very much!

We collaborated with WIMINI HAWAII and made this unisex T-shirt for donation, so that many people can contribute to this project and also in line with the concept of Sasha.

The design of the T-shirt this time has the blue color, which expresses the sky of North Shore and the water welling up at Nā Mea Kūpono, and the letters with brown which reminds us of the mother earth.

Please join us in supporting the inheritance of Hawaiian culture by purchasing this T-shirt!

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