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そのほか、サーシャのサポートハワイに参加するブランドの紹介やハワイ最新情報、レギュラー出演中のBS12トゥエルビ「ハワイに恋して!」の撮影秘話などをご紹介。見所がたくさんのインスタライブ をぜひご覧ください。



Live on Instagram Every Week

We started Sasha’s Instagram live to relay the message to people in Japan that Hawaii will never give up although we are experiencing a devastating coronavirus catastrophe.

We broadcast this Instagram live at the time of sunset for the viewers to be able to see and feel the beautiful Hawaii.

We also introduce brands from Sasha’s Support Hawaii, share the latest information on Hawaii, and share behind-the-scenes stories while shooting BS12 TwellV’s Japanese broadcasted TV show “Hawaii ni koi shite”. Please tune in!

Every Sunday from 12pm (Japan time), Every Saturday from 5pm (Hawaii time)

Instagram account: @sashaloha_


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