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10/16(金) の回には、サーシャが講師として登場予定。







Appearing on Webinar Hosted by Hawaii Tourism Japan

“Aloha Program” hosted by Hawaii Tourism Japan is the webinar you can have fun and learn about Hawaii. They are holding webinar every week on Friday (Japan time) with various guest instructors.

Sasha will appear at the webinar on Friday, October 16.

Sasha and Makoto Uchino, the navigator of BS12 TwellV’s Japanese broadcasted TV show “Hawaii ni koi shite!”, will share the latest information of Hawaii.

[Time and Date]

Japan time: From 12pm on Friday, October 16

Hawaii time: From 5pm on Thursday, October 15

[Eligible people]

Aloha Program members who has taken the First level and up tests

Please check Hawaii Tourism Japan Aloha Program website for more information.


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