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Instagram live at WIMINI HAWAII


ハワイに恋して!のロケの合間にホノルルのWimini Hawaiiさんに協力していただき、撮影ス





On October 17, Sasha’s Instagram live was inside of a store, our first time to be live at the place other than our regular usual location.

With the warm cooperation from WIMINI HAWAII, we broadcasted live from their store in between the shooting filming of “Hawaii ni koi shite!” (TV show broadcasted nation wide in Japan) with shooting staff film crew and WIMINI HAWAII staff. It was new for Sasha to have people around, and Sasha loved it! We are planning to have more Instagram lives in this style in the future.

On this Instagram live, we introduced Belle Vie Hawaii and their product EHA.

You can watch this Instagram live at IGTV.


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