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サーシャのサポートハワイ参加ブランドBradley and Lily がハワイに恋して!で紹介されました!

BRADLEY & LILY, one of the Sasha’s Support Hawaii Support Brands, was introduced in “Hawaii ni koi shite!” (Crazy for Hawaii! TV show broadcasted nation wide in Japan)

10月25日(日)18:00〜放送の「ハワイに恋して!」#56 サーシャがご案内、ハワイに行った気になれる!ハワイカパフル散歩でBradley and LilyのショップとSSHでご紹介した素敵な商品が紹介されました。もちろんサーシャのオリジナルアートもご紹介。



In “Hawaii ni koi shite!” #56 aired on October 25 (Japan time), “Feel Hawaii! Taking a stroll on Kapahulu with Sasha,” the store of BRADLEY & LILY and their lovely products introduced at SSH were presented. Sasha’s original artwork was also introduced in the program.

This SSH official website was also introduced in the program.

Click here for more information about BS12 TwellV “Hawaii ni koi shite!” >>


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