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Hui #2 Elua Melomama X Wimini XSasha デザイントート



デザインミニトート ワンランクアップのトートのアイデア 



The items for HUI Project #1 ’Ekahi received explosive popularity. The items for HUI Project #2 ’Elua became available on March 13 after Sasha’s Instagram live!

The HUI Project is a few brands from Sasha’s Support Hawai’i’s supporting brands that have come together to create one product together as a team. “Hui” means “to unite” in Hawaiian language. The products of HUI Project incorporate upcycling, which utilizes the existing stock of each brand. The items born from the collaboration of Sasha’s ideas and high skills as well as the excellent designs of each brand can be purchased only here. Through the HUI Project, Sasha and local companies and artists would like to share aloha with everyone in the world who loves Hawai’i. We will produce more items for HUI Projects soon. Please stay tuned!

HUI Project #2 ’Elua Melomama X Wimini X Sasha Design tote bags

With Sasha’s suggestion, we utilized the existing stock of WIMINI HAWAII tote bags that SSH had. The tote bags were then screen printed, and lined on the inside with a bright, original Hawaiian Palaka fabric.. With Melomama & Company’s careful sewing, the small tote bags that you can bring anywhere and use on any occasion were born.

The design mini tote bag; an idea for tote bag with higher grade

You can use this mini tote bag on any occasion such as daily shopping, walks, and picnics.

This item, with the bright-colored Hawaiian Palaka fabric, is the best for spring!


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