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Nā Mea Kūpono Loʻi Kalo Learning Centerナ・メア・クポノ学習センター








1/10は、ウクレレの達人Kevin、ナ・メア・クポノ学習センター主催者のお二人、STEVEN(タロメーカー、ウクレレメーカー)とFelisita (フラクム)もセッションに参加してくださり大いに楽しいハワイ満載のライブとなりました。


Sasha’s Support Hawaii started the project to support the organizations inheriting Hawaiian culture from December 2020.

Na Mea Kūpono Loʻi Kalo Learning Center inherits Hawaiian culture and educate people about Hawaiian history and ancient culture that are essential for Hawaiian study as a support of formal education.

It gives guidance for Hawaii local children and youth about Hawaiian culture with Aloha spirit, the heart of Hawaii. It is making strenuous efforts during the difficult economic situation caused by COVID-19 pandemic.

Sasha’s Support Hawaii received a donation from H5323 and made SSH original T-shirts with Na Mea Kūpono Loʻi Kalo Learning Center logo. We donated 50% of the expected total sales of the 150 T-shirts to Na Mea Kūpono on Christmas, before the T-shirts became available on January 16.

Please join us in protecting the inheritance of Hawaiian culture!

You can purchase the T-shirts here.

On Sasha’s Instagram live, we introduced Na Mea Kūpono Loʻi Kalo Learning Center and had a ukulele session there.

On January 10, the ukulele master Kevin, and STEVEN (taro farmer, ukulele maker) and Felisita (Kumu Hula) who are hosts of Na Mea Kūpono Loʻi Kalo Learning Center also joined the session. We had a wonderful live session filled with Aloha!

You can watch the Instagram live here.

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