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To bridge her beloved Hawaii and Japan, Sasha has been engaging in the activities to connect and support Hawaii and Japan for the past few years. Through these activities, wishing to be of any assistance to people in Hawaii who live amid the economic difficulties caused by COVID-19 pandemic, she launched the project “Sasha’s Support Hawaii” in April 2020.

Sasha’s Support Hawaii supports small businesses, local companies, designers, and artists in Hawaii, and keeps relaying messages to the people in Japan and the world the people who love Hawaii.

サーシャ サポートハワイ

HUI プロジェクト アロハシャツ アップサイクルTシャツ

アロハアップサイクル Sasha's collection by Chito ポーチ



Introducing products born in the beautiful island of Hawaii influenced by their unique culture and nature. 

You can purchase items by artists and local brands that support the concept of Sasha’s Support Hawaii here.

SSH presents, HUI Project! SSH support brands and artists come together to create items based on the idea of upcycling!

Support Organization

Sasha's Support Hawaii supports the educational organizations and NPOs that engage in the activities that protect and inherit Hawaiian culture and nature.

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