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Sasha's Profile

Sasha is a bilingual who has American father and mother from Kansai region in Japan. 

She started to develop a dream to become the bridge of Hawaii and Japan through her experiences of moving around the US, Hawaii, and Japan since she was little. She graduated from Kahuku High School in Hawaii, majored in art. She started learning art on a full scale and painted a mural at her alma mater Leeward Community College (LCC) in Hawaii while completing her degree. The education she had from LCC made her fall in love with art, history and Hawaii all over again. Now, she creates designs and develops products together with Hawaiian local jewelry designers and artists. 

Hobbies & Special Qualifications: Watching movies, eating various food, traveling, playing ukulele

Media Appearances: BS12 TwellV “Hawaii ni koi shite!”, Cover girl for Aloha Street, etc.

A Days of Sasha / Going to the Beach

A Days of Sasha / Going to the Beach

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