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Handmade original bag maker. The artist Chito resides in Hawaii. She creates each item by hand here in Hawaii. Her works are inspired by Hawaiian culture and nature and produced one by one from scratch. 


Sasha Collection by Chito

Sasha Select Denim Star Necklace Pouch

Sasha selected the fabric for this popular necklace pouch. The fabric used inside of the pouch matches the color of the necklace beads. This pouch is good for keeping your cards and keys!

Size: Approx. 4.9” x 3.1”




Pineapple Lani Clutch

The collection of the collaboration of Sasha’s sunshine-like naturalness and Chito style inspired by the blessings of Hawaiian nature. This clutch is perfect to put your valuables and passports. The inner material is soft so you can keep your valuables to protect them. 

Color: navy

Size: 8” x 10.5”

Materials: 100% cotton / 100% minky

SASHA x CHITO Collection

Pineapple Lani Bag L

Ageless and genderless design with navy color reminding you of Hawaiian ocean. This bag has an inner pocket so it is very useful. 

Color: navy

Size: about 15” x 15”

Handle: about 20”

Materials: 100% cotton

SASHA x CHITO Collection

Pineapple Lani Bag S

Chito’s distinctive characteristic of fabric collage. Carefully cut the fabric to display pineapples beautifully.

Color: navy

Size: about 12” x 15” 

Handle: about 20”

Materials: 100% cotton

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