Pine Village Small Farm is a small coffee farm operated by a Japanese couple in Kona, Hawaii, one of the historic coffee plantations in Hawaii.
Their coffee trees are grown organically with organic fertilizer, and they use the traditional coffee refining process inherited from predecessors.
Please enjoy the taste of fresh coffee bathed in the Hawaiian sunlight!

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Coffee Gift Set

You can casually try the real Kona coffee with this gift set.  

This is the best present for any occasion!


Chocolate Bar

There are about 200 cacao trees growing on the farm. These chocolate bars are made from the cacao fruits from these trees.

You can enjoy the natural rich taste of cacao as these chocolate bars are made only from cacao and organic sugar without any preservatives or additives.

Sold as a set of 4 bars.

Private Reserve (4oz, 114g)

A set of 4 packs of their best-selling original coffee.

This original coffee is mixed and roasted with Extra Fancy (the biggest beans of Kona coffee) and Fancy (the second biggest beans of Kona coffee) for this coffee.


Drip Coffee

5 sets of drip coffee.

1 pack of drip coffee has worth 5 cups of coffee. 5 packs are total 25 cups of coffee!

You can easily enjoy the real Kona coffee with this drip coffee!

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