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MAUIMARI OCEAN JEWELRY is a jewelry brand created by Mari Diller who lives on the island of Maui.

Mari handcrafts the jewelries with quality natural stones differing in shapes, so each jewelry is unique and original. The jewelries reflect her lifestyle full of nature, is casual but elegant, and you can dress it wearing out during the day with your t-shirt or even for a night out for a dinner party. Mauimari Ocean Jewelry can be worn anytime of the day or night. 


 Card with Sasha’s autograph


N Morning shine (Sasha x Mauimari)


“Morning shine” series that made with Sasha’s favorite gemstones, moonstones, and opals. The double layer necklace design gives you the stylish vibe with a hint of playfulness. 

Length: 15.5”


N Morning shine (Sasha x Mauimari)


The length of bracelet can be adjusted.  The delicate chain and stones give you the elegant feel. 


N Morning shine (Sasha x Mauimari)


The earrings with shining moonstones can be worn at various occasions, from daily life to parties.