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Kanikapila@Nā Mea Kūpono



Love mother earth.

In the ahupuaʻa (land division) of Kamananui, our 6 acre wetland eco-system allows you to take a step back into the past. With beautiful views of Kaʻala this taro patch focuses on education through cultural practices that will enhance the concepts of respecting and connecting to the land. Join the aloha ʻāina movement in the moku (district) of Waialua.

Our Mission

Aloha ʻĀina

The mission of Na Mea Kupono is to perpetuate the concepts of aloha aina (love for the land) and Hawaiian culture values with people of the community and the world, through environmental awareness and interaction, and to improve the quality of life by way of diverse cultural activities.


Our hands-on experience allows you to learn about loving the land, sustainability concepts and Hawaiian cultural values so that traditions and knowledge is perpetuated and enhanced with place based learning.

Support from Sasha’s Support Hawaii

We received a donation from H5323. Thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts.

We created a T-shirt from the donation and donated the 50% of the expected sales total of the T-shirts to Nā Mea Kūpono.

The T-shirt is on sale from January 16. Please join us in donating to Nā Mea Kūpono by purchasing it!

Click here to purchase the T-shirt.

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